Encounters with Nature


53 of the World’s Must-See Destinations


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Nature is increasingly threatened and desired. The progress of global tourism and easy access to transportation have made the enchanting scenery and unforgettable panoramas found in all corners of the continents that make up our planet, accessible to an ever growing number of people. The idea of “remote” has steadily abated but there are still encounters with nature that leave those that experience them with unforgettable moments and memories.

This volume is rich with marvellous naturalistic photos of some of the most exciting nature destinations in the world. It includes valuable information and travel advice for visiting these exceptionally beautiful locations and experiencing first hand, unique and thrilling adventures.

Leafing through the book, the reader can learn about diving in Mexico’s cenotes and the best way to explore the ice grottoes in Iceland. They can admire the incredible painted forest on Hawaii’s Maui Island and Canada’s Northern Lights. The priceless travel advice, in-depth cultural analysis and inspirational quotes from famous travellers make this book a valuable tool for anyone who wants to travel in direct contact with nature or simply daydream about it while trying to decide on a destination.


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