For The Love Of A Good Man (Romantic Comedy-Family -Drama)


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You are the producer of this movie.

Beyond being a written text-script, this book allows the reader to be the first viewer of the movie, and as such, it offers (the reader) the opportunity to shoot the film in their own creative world by assigning the roles and choosing the locations. This book was prepared according to the rules of script writing and adapted to book form in a fully professional online production studio in an American Screenplay Format. The script has been written in such a way that the sequential series of events and the fictional sequence of the scenes are arranged to smoothly flow either on a movie or TV screen. (There is also a British English version of the screenplay available upon request.)

Synopsis: (General Story)

Frank Neil and Fiona are a couple in the process of getting a divorce. They have been married for about 3 years and are well educated, modern, urbanites who also identify readily with traditional values. Fiona is enraged by Frank’s seemingly nonreaction to any life event that he faces; He is the very epitome of laidback and reacts to each and every situation, however absurd, as if it were an everyday mundane situation. Frank also does not believe that Fiona’s talk of divorce is serious and during the divorce proceedings behaves in a very cavalier fashion, trying to turn everything to his own advantage.

It is precisely during this time that Frank’s old classmate Fay, with whom he studied from 1st grade through to high school graduation and whom he does not like very much, returns home to America from Australia with her little daughter. Just before Fay’s plane is due to land in New York, her mother Sara suffers a partial stroke and is hospitalized. Frank’s mother Zelda is accompanying her neighbor and best friend, Sara. Meanwhile, despite all of his mother’s warnings, Frank convinces his wife Fiona to go to the airport and pick up Fay and her daughter in what seems to be a move to cause her more psychological distress. It is during this move that Frank makes the greatest mistake of his life.

Picking up Fay from the airport, Fiona learns that she’s also a lawyer and offers her a job as Frank’s divorce attorney, in a ploy to finally rid herself of Frank. Fay accepts blissfully unaware of the fact that her client is her old classmate Frank Neil. Thus begins a chain of events for Frank and Fiona, ultimately leading to Frank discovering that what goes around, comes around. With each decision become more disastrous than the last, we are left to discover: when will Frank and Fiona realize that they are digging their own graves?


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