Kaplan Complete 2017: The Ultimate in Comprehensive Self-Study for GMAT

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“GMAT Complete 2017” is your ultimate in comprehensive self-study for the GMAT. This prep system includes Kaplan’s four best-selling, highly rated GMAT prep books, and rich mobile-enabled online resources with thousands of practice questions and detailed explanations. “GMAT Complete 2017” features: * 2,000+ practice questions with detailed explanations covering the Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing, and Integrated Reasoning sections, including a revised section on Integrated Reasoning and brand new practice questions and explanations. * 6 full-length practice tests (5 realistic Computer Adaptive Tests available online and 1 in the book) * 500+ question online Quiz Bank for customized quiz creation and review of GMAT practice questions * Kaplan’s “GMAT Premier 2017”; “GMAT 800,” 9th Edition; “GMAT Math Workbook,” 9th Edition; and “GMAT Verbal Workbook,” 8th Edition * One-year access to mobile-enabled online resources: study anywhere on any device with an Internet connection * Online study plans: learn how to make the most of your time, no matter how much or little time you have until Test Day * Bite-sized video lessons with expert Kaplan GMAT faculty * Academic support from Kaplan faculty via our Facebook page: facebook.com/KaplanGMAT * For test takers who want to break 700 and ace Integrated Reasoning this is the definitive resource. Kaplan guarantees that if you study with the “GMAT Complete 2017” books and online resources, you will score higher on the GMAT


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