The Aztecs



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A fascinating, concise and comprehensive description of the rise, glory and fall of the Aztec civilization. The volume describes the pre-Columbian cultures that developed in central and northern Mexico, from the fertile areas of the Oaxaca Valley and the Valley of Mexico to the great deserts of the north. In chronological order, the text presents the native cultures, from the earliest farming villages to the establishment of great states and urban civilizations such as Teotihuacan and Monte Alban. The enormous ethnic and linguistic melting pot culminated in the Aztec civilization; this profusely illustrated book examines its historical events, moving from the mythical original migration into the Valley of Mexico to the political and cultural zenith. In-depth looks at specific topics such as the Aztec calendar, religion, society and political organization are inserted into the historical narration, adding variety to the book’s chronological approach. Based on the latest research and targeting a broad readership, this book is straightforward and easy to understand, yet is distinguished by its excellent scholarship. The result is an extraordinary historical and cultural tableau that conveys the full appeal these populations have long held for Western readers. AUTHOR: Davide Domenici, archaeologist, is an expert on the ancient civilizations of pre-Columbian America. He has participated in archaeological studies in Peru (Nazca), Chile (Rapa Nui) and Mexico (Teotihuacan). Since 1998 he has directed the Rio La Venta Archaeological Project in the Mexican state of Chiapas. He is currently a researcher at the Faculty of Paleography and Medieval Studies of the University of Bologna, where he teaches Native American Civilizations. 210 colour illustrations


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